HealthVantics Delivering the value and advantage of healthcare interoperability

Our Customers

Rochester RHIO: HealthVantics is the technical services provider for Rochester RHIO, a community health information exchange (HIE) serving 1.5 million residents in the Rochester, Finger Lakes, and Southern Tier regions of New York. The HealthVantics team provides day-to-day operational support, database administration, network operations, technical project management, and product development services to support HIE. The team works in a dynamic environment where the evolution of healthcare delivery is in process, and the development of technical standards is ongoing.

Long Term and Post Acute Care (LTPAC) Facilities: LTPAC facilities find great benefit from community health information exchange. In most cases, the technology platforms that support operations uniquely meet the needs of LTPAC. HealthVantics works closely with these organizations to provide essential patient care information that is timely and works with clinical workflows. An example is customized clinical event notification, which can alert the post acute care unit of patient readmissions to hospitals throughout the state within 60 days of patient discharge.

Health Homes:  In a Health Home, a group of healthcare providers work together to provide coordinated care for a specific population. HealthVantics functions as an information technology partner for organizations like health homes, providing project management, technical consulting, and customized routing of data to support coordinated healthcare delivery.

Integrated Delivery Systems: HealthVantics works with regional integrated delivery systems to enhance their population health and analytics platforms with the out-of-network data that is critical to both healthcare delivery and  business needs. Customized solutions are developed to meet the unique requirements of each customer.

Provider Organizations:  HealthVantics supports provider directory and credentialing offices with regional provider directory services.