HealthVantics Delivering the value and advantage of healthcare interoperability

About Us

HealthVantics, LLC is a leader in health information exchange (HIE) technology and services.

Our technical team includes HIE experts with extensive experience in the development and operation of complex HIE systems. This IT team developed these skills over 10 years as the technical brains of the Rochester RHIO, one of the leading HIEs in the United States.  

We are proud to have the following technical resources available to serve our community. Call for a quote and discuss your project (related to health information exchange).

  • 2 Solution Architects
  • 4 Developers
  • 2 DBAs
  • 4 Interface Engineers
  • 3 Network/System Engineers

HealthVantics is a subsidiary of Rochester RHIO with the mission to support the RHIO by providing technical services and to also expand to offer this expertise to the regional healthcare sector. HealthVantics, LLC is a non-profit organization located in Rochester, NY. 

Board of Directors

Ann Marie Cook, Board Chair, Lifespan CEO

Dawn DePerrior, Earnst & Young, Retired

Larry Becker, PCORI, Xerox (Retired)

Jill Eisenstein, Rochester RHIO, CEO & President